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June 26, 2019
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Uber Freight and SAP join forces

Uber Freight, the Uber business unit that helps truck drivers connect with shipping companies, has joined forces with SAP – and their collaboration is set to work wonders for the logistics industry. Uber Freight will be integrated into the SAP Logistics Business Network. The benefits of this move include access to real-time quotes and actual freight capacity as well as simplified load management.

There are considerable environmental benefits to the collaboration, too. Every year, underutilised trucks generate a whopping 200-million tonnes of emissions! With better planning and freight utilisation, those emissions can be reduced – drastically.

Inefficiencies in the logistics business also affect the bottom line, of course. “Finding and booking freight can be the most expensive and often the most complex piece of the supply chain,” explains Hala Zeine, president, SAP Digital Supply Chain.

“This combined solution will remove roadblocks and offers a simpler, more automated approach that streamlines operations, delivers tangible cost savings and ultimately creates a better customer experience. Adding Uber Freight to our SAP Logistics Business Network will help our customers optimise their logistics and put their customers at the heart of their digital supply chain,” Zeine adds.

According to Bill Driegert, senior director, Uber Freight, an efficient, digitalised supply chain is critical to the business success of the world’s biggest shippers. “Uber Freight is partnering with SAP to bring shippers and carriers together at the level where freight decisions are being made. This innovative tech-forward approach to freight means shippers can spend less time sourcing quotes and capacity and more time getting goods to market,” he tells FOCUS.

Article Source: Focus On Transport

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