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December 18, 2019
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As South Africa enters the second full week of our collective quarantine, and COVID-19 remains a daily topic of discussion, we at Ever Star Industries (ESI) remain 100% operational in support of our essential services clients – while other parts of our business are strictly adhering to the national government’s quarantine stipulations.

Of course, being a Chinese-owned company, we have been operating under COVID-19 conditions for some time pre the local enforced shutdown and were we constantly updated on statistics, preventative measures and trends from our Head Office over the last few months.

The net result of which was that our local operations were well prepared in anticipation of the virus reaching South African shores.

Ever Star Industries Business Continuity

Before the South African government’s urgent and necessary intervention, Ever Star Industries (ESI) had already briefed our staff on best practices in terms of hygiene and social distancing – with gloves, masks and sanitisers made available – and also enforced (including on all contractors).

Where we had an excess of PPE and sanitiser such was donated to some suppliers, customers and other business partners to assist their businesses and their staff during this pandemic.

Contingency plans were established, updated and communicated to our shareholders, both locally and abroad before any statutory shut-down was envisaged.

Status Quo as on 06.04.2020

Currently all staff (excluding those in support of essential services clients) are in lock down and working remotely where possible.

Ever Star Industries (ESI) is fortunate that, due to your support over the 2019 financial year, we are able to keep all our staff on full pay over this quarantine period.

We are grateful to our customers’ support and would like to ensure you that all measures and plans are in place to, A) help protect our staff and families and B) help ensure business continuity during and post this pandemic.

Certainly, the world will look different when all is said and done and we are preparing for this “new normal”.

We will continue to refine and improve our planning in this regard and encourage you to do the same, working with government and the private sector to help secure our country, our people and our economy for the benefit of all.

May the positives from this pandemic include a world population that is more appreciative of our fragile planet – and more considerate towards each other.

We look forward to continue working with you.

Best wishes
Your Ever Star Industries team.

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