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Powerstar Jet Park (New Owner Update)


David Gao takes ownership of Powerstar Jetpark with bold ambitions.

The genesis of Jet Park was as the sole distributor of Shantui yellow metal and equipment in South Africa, back in 2015. Since then, of course, the other two brands (FTSeries trucks and Powerstar Trucks) have been added to the stable – with significant capabilities in relation to parts and service key to the current success – and future ambitions.

“We have big premises that allows for significant warehousing and, of course, large-scale service capabilities,” says Powerstar Jet Park Owner, David Gao. “We are capable of doing really big overhauls across all our Ever Star Industries brands – with a team of highly-skilled and experienced service professionals that really understand the vehicles and customer performance requirements.”

Powerstar Jet Park may be the biggest parts and service center in Gauteng but that alone does not guarantee success.

“We value client centricity in everything we do,” says Gao. “It is critical to us to ensure we deliver an unrivalled customer experience so we concentrate heavily on making sure every step in our engagement exceeds expectation.”

It is this client-centric approach, along with scale of capabilities that gives Gao confidence in the coming years.

“We look forward to helping position Shantui, Powerstar Trucks and FTSeries Trucks as the best commercial vehicle and equipment brands in South Africa . . .”

Powerstar Jet Park (New Owner Update)
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What our clients say

Win Express

Ballito-based Win Express is highly satisfied with their trio of Powerstar V3 2646 extra-heavy truck tractors.

“The reason we acquired the V3’s initially was down to the excellent coverage Ever Star Industries (ESI) has in Southern Africa,” explains the company’s director, Craig Trickett.

“ESI has the necessary service centres and dealer network in the three countries in which we operate - Botswana, Eswatini and Zambia - and they are able to support our cross-border business. This fact convinced us to go ahead with the transactions,” he continues.

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Vertical Engineering

Sales executive Steyn Roode proudly congratulates Vertical Engineering on partnering up with Powerstar Paarl.

"Right price and great quality vehicle. We look forward to working with Powerstar in the future."

Deltra Base

Director Ms Bongi of Deltra Base Cc, based in Middelburg bought herself our down to earth VX 2628 , LWB Water Tanker.

"I am ecstatic about my first purchase and look forward to working with Mmboniseni Gavhi, from Powerstar Middelburg."

EMT Holdings

The Burgers family of EMT Holdings, based in Delmas ,Mpumalanga have just purchased their first Powerstar VX2642s Truck Tractor from Marc Mynhardt of Powerstar Centurian.

"We are very happy with the purchase and service thus far and will be using a side tipper application to load coal, which will be running all over South Africa."


Director of Zalopath, Stuart Scharnick has been in the construction business since 2005 and headed up the company since 2012. His hands-on approach to his business as well as the experience he has gained over the years has resulted in the company obtaining a Level 6GB CIDB grading in Construction, 5CE in Civil and 3EB & 5EP in Electrical works.

No better vehicles to grow the business ever more than the additional of 2 x Powerstar VX 2628 10m3 Tippers, handed over my Lukas Meyer of Powerstar Empangeni.

North Star Logistics

NSL know when they can rely on a truck company to provide them the best vehicles and after sales service for their fleet.

That's why Kerry Hu of Powerstar Centurion could proudly hand over 200 x Powerstar V3 2646 6x4 Truck Tractors! Thank you to NSL for the incredible support!

MSC Logistics (Pty) Ltd / National Adhesive Products / Spice Importers and Millers cc

Everyone wants their hands on a Powerstar FT Series truck because you get more loads, more value! Thank you MSC Logistics (Pty) Ltd for adding 5 x Powerstar FT8 Chassis Cabs to their fleet from sales person Kevin Vadivaloo of Powerstar Pietermaritzburg. Deepesh Ghela of National Adhesive Products took ownership of 2 x Powerstar FT5 Van Bodies from Truck Centre Durban.

Sales person Irvin Mabe of Powerstar Jetpark handed over a FT5 Van Body to Spice Importers and Millers cc.

I.R. Projects

"Great value for money!" That's what Loyiso Ranuga of I.R.

Projects had to say about his recent purchase of a Powerstar VX 2527 Dropside which will be used to transport TLB's, concrete slabs and pavers.


Sales person Anthony Dube of Powerstar Zimbabwe (Machinery Exchange) recently handed over an impressive Shantui SD32 Bulldozer to it's new owner.

Legare Mining / Mbokolwane Traders / EMFN Projects

It's no wonder our Powerstar VX2628 6x4 Water Tankers are some of the best selling in SA with their affordability and robust nature! Thank you to Mr Ngwediotswele Mabilo of Legare Mining, Mr Oupa Khumalo of Mbokolwane Traders and Mr Tshepo France Lekota of EMFN Projects for partnering up with Powerstar and trusting the brand to progress their businesses. They have just taken ownership of their 16,000L Water Tankers from the Sales Executive, Mmboniseni Gavhi from Middelburg, and are ecstatic about their purchase.

"The future looks bright from where we are standing."

UKT Aggregate

Sales Executive, Mmboniseni Gavhi from our Middelburg dealership, was proud to handover a new VX2628 10m3 Tipper to Mr Jacob Nkhambule of UKT Aggregate. Mr Nkhambule can't wait to put this vehicle to work in a demanding 12 hour per day shift pattern because he knows how robust and durable these Powerstar trucks are!

"Great service and great truck. Who better to partner with than the leaders in the tipper range."

TCB Engineering

TCB Engineering was established in 2013 by Bertram Soloma, Jeffrey Morolong and Gadijah Morolong. Since then, they have been distributing coal and various construction materials throughout the mines within Kimberley. They were recently introduced to the Powerstar range by a friend, tested the vehicle and decided that the Powerstar products, suits their needs best. "Due to us working on the mines, we cannot afford to have downtime, as time is money. We then looked for a product in the market that was cost effective, reliable and could be easily repaired when it came to breakdowns", says Bertram Soloma.

"We then went out to the market and started doing our comparisons and met Irvin Mabe, who sold us our first Powerstar VX 2628 Water Tanker. We are very happy with our purchase and looking forward to our future partnership with Powerstar", added Jeffrey Morolong.

Purple Rain Game Breeding

Proving that Powerstar trucks can handle Africa's harshest conditions, Colin George Lombard of Purple Rain Game Breeding has just taken ownership of his new Powerstar VX 2628 10m3 Tipper, seen here with sales executive Bradley van Onslen. His plan is to use the truck for removal of rubble and debris when clearing new areas of bush and road on the farm that breeds and rehabilitates game for non-hunting reserves in SA.

"Quality of service and price of vehicle. The tough and ready ability of Powerstar Trucks, along with the sales team and support, gave us the peace of mind that we wanted when making the decision to purchase", says Colin on his reasons for choosing Powerstar.

Tiebong Engineering and Projects

Titos Bongani Maphanga and his wife of Tiebong Engineering and Projects were only too thrilled to accept the handover of their brand new Powerstar VX 2628 10m3 Tipper from salesman, Irvin Mabe. They have already requested a quote for an additional Powerstar VX 2628 10m3 Tipper as their business continues to grow.

These trucks will be used for coal transportation from the mines and to power stations around Ogies, Mpumalanga.

"We believe that Powerstar is a great truck and good value for money. We needed a truck that could sustain us when it comes to the line of work that we do on these mines and being a manual vehicle, downtime will be less which means more work done and more money saved. This is the perfect brand for our business. Powerstar is the way." concludes Titos.

Kamo Trading

It was a confident move by owner, Floyd Nakeng of Kamo Trading to add 5 x VX 2642 Truck Tractors for Side Tipper Application to their fleet to move chrome at Rustenburg Mines.

These machines are so up for the job that they have already ordered yet another 5 x VX 2642's to be delivered soon!

Ogies Palour

Huge smiles from Irvin Mabe (Powerstar sales executive) with the Mabena's of Ogies Palour. No strangers to the value and reliability of the Powerstar range, Managing Directors, Sibongile Agnes Mabena and Desmond Mabena of Ogies Palour, have just added another VX 2642 Truck Tractor with Side Tippers to their coal carrying fleet in the mines. Already owning a VX 2628 10m3 Tipper and VX 2642 with Side Tipper, Desmond Mabena has this to say "Powerstar is our first and best choice of truck for our business. Irvin has given us fantastic customer service. We are now planning to add another 2 x VX 2642's with Side Tippers to our fleet before the end of the year.

Powerstar is affordable and well recommended by other owners in the field. Our VX 2628 10m3 Tipper moves more loads than the other brands, with less issues, easy on-site maintenance and affordable parts and services. Powerstar, we will be back!" concludes Sibongile Mabena.

Pooballa Naidoo

CPMS a construction company based in Ballito, is focused on project management and urban planning. After considering similar brands and sizes in its category, Sales Executive, Powerstar Empangeni, Lukas Meyer, placed a FT3 demo vehicle in their fleet. Within a few days of testing, CPMS owner Pooballa Naidoo decided the Powerstar FT3 was without a doubt the best vehicle for their company's needs. "The size of the truck was perfect fit as it is not too big to get into the restricted urban developments and the payload big enough to transport enough materials at a time." says Pooballa.

"Add to that the price and combination of the Cummins Engine, ZF Gearbox, Wabco Air Brake system and all the extras such as Aircon, Cruise Control & Radio there was no better option."

Unyazi Transport Coastal

Unyazi Transport Coastal, a subsidiary Group of MSC, have just added 20 x Powerstar VX 2642 Truck Tractors to their fleet.

Although they own other brands, they chose the Powerstar range for their reliability for medium and short haul operations.

Paul & Mike Zimu

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother" takes on a whole new meaning as brothers Paul and Mike Zimu of Dreads Construction add yet another VX4035 Tipper to their growing Powerstar family.

They both value Powerstar's good reputation with other owners, the affordability and the brand's commitment to go the extra mile.

Aventino Group

Sales Manager, Marc Mynhardt, proudly handed over a VX2628B 6m3 Mixer to Aventino Group in Polokwane recently, to deliver concrete within the surrounding areas.

This is their second Powerstar, now joining a VX2642 they purchased last year to pull a flat deck trailer with a crane fitted for transporting bricks. They are excited to be partnered up with Powerstar again and in the future.

Oupa Rhayi

According to Leonardo da Vinci, "Water is the driving force of all nature." We tend to agree, but that water has to get to where it's needed first! Oupa Rhayi, owner of Divestec Mining, has just added this second VX2628 LWB 16,000 liter dual-purpose water tanker to his current fleet of 4 Powerstars.

These trucks are working all over, such as Glencore Mines in Ogies, Mpumalanga.

Umesh Singh

Umesh Singh from Ballito, recently purchased his family-owned logistics company their very first Powerstar truck from Sales Executive, Wesley Keenan. This is their first Powerstar and after a fantastic service with a quality product, they are looking to slowly replace several trucks with Powerstar.

Comberero Consulting and Equipment

Comberero Consulting and Equipment was established to provide concrete pumping, placing and floating services in South Africa. Managed by a highly skilled team in various fields, the company started its operations in March 2014 and continues to grow. We welcome them onboard and look forward to working together as partners in the future! (Sales Executive - Charles Fieldhouse.)

Amrudi Trading and Projects - Powerstar VX 2628 Tipper

Comberero Consulting and Equipment was established to provide concrete pumping, placing and floating services in South Africa. Managed by a highly skilled team in various fields, the company started its operations in March 2014 and continues to grow. We welcome them onboard and look forward to working together as partners in the future! (Sales Executive - Charles Fieldhouse.)

DSV Empangeni and Roadmaster

Powerstar Empangeni salesman, Lukas Meyer, recently handed over a Powerstar FT to DSV Empangeni and Roadmaster. Both companies have been in business for over ten years and invested in the FT range . The added benefits of the extra standard features that come with the FT's such as cruise control, radio and air conditioning made this an excellent offer overall, and couldn't be refused.

Thembi Mtshali

TL Ideas Trading recently bought a Powerstar VX 2628 Skip Loader from Marc Mynhardt. Operating in the South 32 mines in Ogies, Mpumalanga, the Mtshali's own 3 trucks. This is there first Powerstar and we are so excited to welcome them to the family!


Ever Star Industries proudly handed over a VX2642 Truck tractor to Pakeng from Aventino Group in Polokwane. This is Aventino Group's first Powerstar truck going into the Brick transport business in Polokwane, and Pakeng is ecstatic with its performance so far

Thabang Khomo

Mr Thabang Khomo started his business ten years ago to fulfil a high demand for equipment needed to service the Johannesburg municipality and landfill sites. Khomo is a long time Powerstar supporter with 3 water tankers and yellow equipment from Shantui, handed over by sales executive Irvan Mabe, in his fleet. He finds our brand to be affordable with parts that easy to find, replace and repair at our workshops.

Sibabalwe Mabandla

SIBA84EC, specialists in the FMCG business, was one of the first recipients taking delivery of the new FT 3 at the launch in Pietermaritzburg. "The reason for purchasing the new FT 3, is that our transport business is growing and we where looking for a vehicle that could fit our business needs. In terms of value of money, Powerstar trucks proven, aftersales, quality and reliability made the decision easy. We look forward to partnering with a reputable OEM like Powerstar."

Florina Manganye

Ever Star Industries expert sales representative, Irvin Mabe, recently assisted Florina Manganye in translating her vision into a reality with a Powerstar V3 2646 Longhaul. Florina plans to transport 10 weekly loads of manganese between Botshabelo and Pietermaritzburg. Welcome to the family Florina!

SG Trans

Truck Centre Durban recently handed over 2 x VX 2628 Tippers to SG Trans

Fortune Dube

Fortune Dube of BI Infrastructure Consultancy just started his fleet with a Powerstar VX 4035 18m3 Tipper that will be operating for M:tier SA in KZN. Why did he choose Powerstar? "Quality and price". Mr Dube was so impressed with the ruggedness of the Powerstar trucks he'd seen operate in Pietermaritzburg, he knew purchasing a Powerstar was the best choice to start his fleet.

Chris Botha - VEA Mining Director

VEA Road Maintenance and Civils, based in Centurion SA, recently expanded their company to include a Mining Division. After buying 3 X Powerstar VX 2628 Tippers, VEA are ecstatic with their new trucks and the service provided to them! In fact, they were so pleased they procured another 3 x Powerstar tippers!

B.W Kazmierczak

Dry bulk transporters, Bogdans recently procured 5 new Powerstar VX VX 2642 Truck Tractors for their Tipper Division to run in Richards Bay. Established in 1996 by Bob W Kazmierczak, Bogdans transports dry bulk and Super link side tipper loads throughout South Africa. They are thrilled to have Powerstar join their fleet as Mr Kazmierczak chose Powerstar Trucks specifically because he needed them to handle tough terrain.

Patrick Lekgatlhiso

Lekgatlhiso Construction's Director, Patrick Lekgatlhiso, is the proud owner of 4 x Powerstar VX 2628 Tippers.

Petrus Van Der Westhuizen

As transporters of citrus to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Swaziland, I was looking for an alternative to the rather rough and ready Japanese sleeper-cab derivatives and the comfortable but pricey European counterparts. The Powerstar V3 presented the ideal mix of competitive pricing, cab comfort and overall performance offering excellent value for money with attention to detail where it counts. Other OEMs with trucks in this class don't offer this level of luxury. Standard features like power-steering and air-conditioning help make the Powerstar V3 a "home away from home" for our drivers. As far as low cost-of-ownership and quality are concerned, nothing else on the market can compare to it. It's great to have the peace-of-mind knowing Powerstar trucks are backed by Ever Star Industries and there are qualified Powerstar technicians at all the Powerstar dealerships.

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