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Shantui SG21-3 Motor Grader

SAVE A WHOLE R100 000 on the Shantui SG21-3 Motor Grader – now only R1 850 000 (ex VAT)!

Especially effective for large-area levelling, ditching, bulldozing and land clearing (just to name a few), this machine is built with an external gear type working device to achieve that desired high transmitted torque (980 N·m/1500 rpm) with a large blade cutting angle and maximum traction.

Some key specifications:

  • In-line, water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection, turbo charged engine.
  • Maximum cutting depth of 500 mm.
  • Maximum lift above ground of 440 mm.

Contact your nearest dealership, here >> https://bit.ly/3JrEcKW


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Powerstar VX2628 10m³ Tipper

Experience the Powerstar VX2628 10m³ Tipper!

Dominate any terrain with its Weichai Euro 2 Turbocharged Intercooled engine, delivering 280 HP and Max Torque of 1160/1200~1600 N.m @ r/min.

Built tough for South Africa’s rugged landscapes, this tipper truck is your ultimate workhorse for mining, construction, and transportation challenges. With unmatched durability and efficiency, it’s the perfect choice for any job.

Don’t miss out on this powerhouse – grab yours for just R1 140 700 (ex VAT).

Visit https://bit.ly/2Z8LXOO to learn more or contact our dealers today.

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FT9 Dropside

Get up to R55 000 CASH BACK on the FT9 Dropside from your nearest dealership today!

The FT9 is powered by a Cummins Euro III water cooled direct injection engine that delivers a Max Torque of N.m @ r/min: 740 / 1400.

With its versatile dropside design, the FT9 makes loading and unloading a breeze, perfect for all your medium to heavy-duty needs.

Don’t miss out on this unbeatable deal!

Check out the full specs here >> https://bit.ly/4aDdARc

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Powerstar VX2628 Chassis Cab

Own the impeccably constructed Powerstar VX2628 Chassis Cab for just R919 000 (excluding VAT).

Designed for comfort and space, the VX2628 features a well-appointed cab. Its Weichai Euro II Turbocharged Intercooled engine delivers a maximum torque of 1160 N.m @ 1200-1600 rpm.

Configurable for specific tasks, the VX2628 offers unmatched power and durability, making it essential for businesses needing reliability, efficiency, and adaptability.

Discover more details online or contact our dealership network today: https://bit.ly/2Z8LXOO

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Powerstar FT10 Chassis Cab

Purchase a FT10 Chassis Cab and get up to R25,000 cashback – Experience the perfect blend of power, strength, and durability.

As one of our top sellers, the FT10 stands out for its versatility, offering various body types and exceptional performance suitable for a wide range of applications.

This model is equipped with a Cummins Euro III engine, delivering a maximum torque of 970 N.m @1400 rpm, backed by a five-year unlimited mileage base engine warranty.

Explore the features and performance of the FT10 in our #FT10 Video Review: https://bit.ly/3et43Ps

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Shantui SL60W 2 Front Loader V1 – Ever Star Industries

Shantui SL60W-2 Front Loader

Get your hands on the powerful Shantui SL60W-2 Front Loader for a steal – now only R1 600 000 (ex VAT) and save a whopping R100 000!

This beast of a machine combines medium and high power with top-notch efficiency and energy-saving features, all wrapped up in a sleek modern design. With a Weichai engine pumping out a Net power (kW @ rpm) (SAE J1349) of 175 @ 2200 and maximum travel speed (fwd/rev) (km/hour) of 38/24, this loader is built to tackle the toughest conditions with ease.

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal – click here to see more specs of the Shantui Front Loader: https://bit.ly/3AsgMz4


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Shantui SE305LCW Excavator

Don’t miss out on the impressive Shantui SE305LCW Excavator for just R2 500 000 (excluding VAT), saving you a whopping R100 000!

This powerful excavator boasts a Weichai WP7 engine with 199kW at 2000rpm, featuring a turbocharged 6-cylinder common rail system.

Shantui excavators are known for their incredible power and durability, making them ideal for the toughest jobs.

Discover more here: https://bit.ly/31e81KZ

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Powerstar VX 4035 18m3 Tipper

Introducing the robust Powerstar VX 4035 18m3 Tipper, now available for only R1 460 000 (ex VAT).

The Powerstar VX 4035 comes equipped with a Weichai Euro 2 Intercooled engine, delivering impressive Max Power N.m @ r/min: 1350/1200-1600.

With its 12-speed Synchromesh JS gearbox, this powerful machine ensures exceptional performance. Plus, you can count on top-notch service, parts, and support from the Ever Star Industries dealership network.

Learn more >> https://bit.ly/3C8Mwsa

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The Powerstar VX2628 16 000L Water Tanker

Introducing the Powerstar VX2628 16,000 litre Water Tanker – now available for purchase at your nearest dealership for only R1 260 000 (excl. VAT).

Experience the raw power and efficiency of the Weichai Euro II Turbo Charged Intercooled Engine, delivering a robust 280hp and a commanding torque of 1160 Nm.

Discover the comprehensive specifications here > https://bit.ly/3h8VoXL

The Powerstar VX2628 Water Tanker is an essential asset for sectors requiring large-scale water transport solutions, including construction and mining. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, this tanker ensures you can deliver water wherever it’s needed most, efficiently and effectively.


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FT3 M4 Dropside

Purchase a brand new FT3 M4 Dropside and receive up to R30 000 CASH BACK!

The FT3 M4 comes with a robust 3.8l Cummins Turbo Diesel engine paired with a ZF transmission, offering unmatched performance with maximum torque of 360 N.m @ 1800 ~ 2700 r/min and 147 HP.

With a payload capacity of up to 3.5 tons, the FT3 Dropside excels in versatile hauling applications.

Contact us now to grab this fantastic offer: http://bit.ly/3XNp7c2


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