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Shantui’s best-seller worldwide, this medium-duty workhorse comes off the factory line in various configurations for specific work environments e.g. desert, swamp, forest, high altitude etc. The SD16 provides Shantui’s trademark value with high performance with strong reliability.

Product specifications for SHANTUI SD16

Make: Shangchai/Weichai
Model: SC11CB184G2B1/WD10G178E25
Rated Power: 120 kW @ 1850 rpm
Maximum Torque: 765 Nm @ 1300 rpm
Displacement: 10.5 L
Cylinder: 6-121 x 152 mm (bore x stroke)
Water cooled: Yes
Direct injection: Yes
Radiator: Enlarged tropical radiator

Torque converter: YJ380, 3-element, single-stage, single phase, ratio 2.3
Transmission: Planetary gear type, power-shift, forced lubrication
Main drive: Spiral bevel gear, single-stage speed reduction, splash lubrication, ratio 2.667
Steering clutch: Lubricated, multi-disc, spring-loaded, hand hydraulically seperated, inter-link- ing with steering brake
Steering brake: Lubricated, floating band structure, foot brake with hydraulic booster
Final drive: 2-stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication, ratio 16.66
Number of drive wheel teeth: 27

Ripper type: Parallelogram adjustable and removable 3-shank ripper
Maximum digging depth: 572 mm
Maximum lift above ground: 592 mm
Weight: 1667 kg

Fuel tank: 300 L
Engine coolant: 79 L
Engine oil: 45 L
Hydraulic tank: 108 L
Transmission case: 52 L
Steering case: 70 L
Final drive case: 23 L each side

Type: Sprayed beam, suspended structure of equalizer
Carrier rollers: 2 each side
Track rollers: 6 each side
Track type: Assembled, single-grouser track
Track shoe width: 510 mm
Grouser height: 60 mm
No. of track shoes: 37 each side
Pitch: 203.2 mm
Ground pressure: 0.072 Mpa

Rated pressure: 14 MPa
Pump type: Gear Pump
Flow rate: 213 L/min
Blade lift cylinder: ?110 mm?2
Blade tilt cylinder: ?160 mm?1
Ripper cylinder: ?160 mm?1

Adjustable air suspension seat: YES
Seat belt: YES
Strobe light: YES
Fire extinguisher: YES, SABS Standard
Engine oil pressure meter: YES

Overall length: 6104 mm
Overall width: 3388 mm
Overall height: 3032 mm
Ripper overall width: 2080 mm
Machine width (Blade off): 2390 mm
Machine length (Blade off): 5500 mm
Min. ground clearance: 400 mm
Min. turning radius: 4.5 m
Gradeability: 30?
Track Gauge: 1880 mm
Operating weight: 17 ton

Batteries: 2 x 12 V-165 Ah
Starter Motor: 5.4 kW
Alternator: 27 A

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